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Katana Fruits Slice the fruits, avoid the bombs and get the high score!
1 0   3686
Space Invaders Destroy all aliens to move up to the next level.
0 0   5871
Kiba & Kumba: High Jump Jump as high as you can with the adorable monkeys Kiba & Kumba! Collect power-ups to improve your hi...
1 0   3684
Slacking School School is boring and you want to do other things than paying attention, but be careful the teacher d...
0 0   3702
Hexxagon Play Hexxagon against friend or the computer AI
5 0   4229
Pizza Margherita - Cooking with Emma Help Emma from the cooking game series Cooking with Emma to prepare the vegan pizza. Read the recipe...
1 0   4013
Mini Race Rush Mini Race Rush is an exciting action game, collect as many stars as you can, gather power ups to des...
1 0   3705
Zombies Eat My Stocking Defend yourself against stocking eating zombies in this fun and addictive fighting game!
1 0   3685
Vegetable Lasagna - Cooking with Emma Fot those of you who love lasagna, Emma this time shows you how to prepare a vegan version of the po...
1 0   3623
Slacking Gym Finish your slacking activities on time, but don't let the coach catch you!
0 0   3686
Fire Truck Use your logical thinking and move the cars, so the fire truck can leave the parking lot!
1 0   3735
Tetris Tetris is a Soviet tile-matching puzzle video game originally designed and programmed by Alexey Paji...
1 0   3984
Slacking Cafeteria Take your mind off the boring chat, finish your slacking activities on time and don't get catched!
0 0   3673
Burnin Rubber Choose your car, choose your weapon and head out to rule the streets. Steer by tapping left or right...
1 0   3631
Gold Miner Use your claw to reel in as much treasure as possible. Treasure includes gold, diamond and many more...
2 0   4248
Basketball Score as many baskets as possible and improve your high score constantly!
1 0   3835
Beach Sudoku Use your logic and solve the popular numbers puzzle Sudoku, by filling a 9x9 grid with numbers so th...
1 0   3713
3 Mice Hold the 3 Mice together and move them as deep as you can on the platforms, without them falling off...
1 0   3861